Carlos Abadi: Following a Long Line of Good Works

Carlos Abadi, a Cornell alumnus
July 31, 2017
Carlos Abadi and His Humanitarian Efforts
September 12, 2017

Carlos Abadi isn”t the first in his family to devote much of his time, energy and money to philanthropic causes. The Abadis are well-known for their generosity and academic achievements. MoussaAbadi is Carlos Abadi”s great uncle and a WWII hero of the French Resistance because of his efforts that successfully saved Jewish children from the evils of German concentration camps via the Abadi Network, which MoussaAbadi is credited with co-founding…

Carlos Abadi truly lives up to his family history by propagating important achievements of his ancestors, as well as devoting much of his time and energy to helping people. Abadi& Co. should continue to thrive with Carlos Abadi at the helm, and his community will continue to benefit from his financial knowledge and from his desire to better the lives of others.

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